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Blogging and social networking the norm amongst young early adopters

Blogging and social networking the norm amongst young early adopters

Continental Research has surveyed a number of technology “early adopters” in the US, Britain, Germany, and Japan, about their attitudes to and involvement with blogs and social networking sites.

They found that 19% of these early adopters have their own personally hosted blog, with Japan easily leading the way at 28%.

In addition, 30% have a blog hosted on a social site such as MySpace, Facebook, or Jaiku.

Split across age groups, the young have really grabbed Web 2.0 opportunities: 25% of 16-34s have their own blog, compared to 14% of over 35s.

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James Myring, associate director at Continental Research, said, “Blogs are particularly popular amongst younger early adopters, with 25% of 16-34’s having their own blog compared to 14% aged over 35. Early adopters clearly see these as a forum to voice their opinions and share their views with a significant number. In years to come it will be interesting to see if an increasing number attach as much importance to their online personality as they do their real life version?”

Myring can see a time when the personal web site is so commonplace that it replaces the need for employers to request resumés – they’ll simply look at the blog instead (in fact, some already are). For many, virtual lives are fast becoming as, if not more, important, than real life ones.

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