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Blogging from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Blogging from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Stephanie Stockman is a NASA contractor working at the Goddard Space Flight Center, which is cool by itself. What’s even cooler is that she’s blogging it, talking about rocketships in voice and text, as well as posting photos, something every space nerd should follow for sure. Her blog is Geosteph, which incidentally is her Twitter nick as well. Check it out.

I found out about Stephanie’s blog via Blonde By Design, which in turn ended in my web browser via Twitter, that oh so magical microblogging service that keeps me fed with news stories and interesting links, as well as time-consuming chitchatting.

Anyway, the Blonde By Design post in question really wants us to send our names to the moon, a PR stunt (or similar funny idea that doubles as a PR stunt) headed by NASA, with June 27 being the deadline for name submissions. A pretty cool thing by itself.

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So there you have it, a bunch of space reading on your Friday surf list! Aren’t blogging wonderful? Enjoy!

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