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Bloglines through a different skin

Bloglines through a different skin

Like Nick over at Threadwatch, we’ve also received emails from Josh Tyler who has written an interesting interface in which to view Bloglines through.

Chameleon is an experimental RSS reader that adaptively prioritizes and highlights feeds for the user, based on usage history and observed behavior. Chameleon figures out which feeds are the user’s favorites, which ones are read right away, which ones are read intermittently and adapts the user experience accordingly. It also provides a list of “top links” from your feeds and a clean, friendly UI.

Chameleon makes use of the Bloglines Web Services, so it can be used immediately by any Bloglines user. All of the feeds and data come through Bloglines on the backend.

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It’s still experimental at this stage and still needs some development work before it takes the world by storm, but as a concept its facinating and we wish Josh well.

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