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Blogo 1.1 Released, Adds Twitter and Drupal Support

Blogo 1.1 Released, Adds Twitter and Drupal Support

The Mac desktop blogging client Blogo was just updated to version 1.1, which includes Twitter support, as I’ve reported previously. Blogo supports WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, TypePad, Movable Type, and Typo. Drupal and Twitter are new since 1.0.

Blogo 1.1 is rolled out for free for paying users, so you don’t have to cry about those $25 you coughed up the other week.

A press release highlights the following:

New formatting options:
Text can now be formatted as quotes and lists, and can be aligned or justified.

Twitter support:
Users can now post status updates and send direct messages from Blogo, as well as view friends’ and friends-of-friends’ status updates. Blogo can even be configured to send a new status update whenever a new article is published.

Drupal support:
Blogo now supports Drupal, a popular content management system and the third most popular blog system after WordPress and Blogger.

Improved interface:
The interface has undergone a complete revision, with a more streamlined look as well as a new black theme.

Custom thumbnail cropping:
Image thumbnails can now be cropped independently of the full-size image, giving the user a finer level of control over the post layout.

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Expanded support for more file formats:
Blogo now accepts most raw image formats in addition to PDF, PSD, EPS, JPEG, GIF and PNG.

Integration with NetNewsWire and Safari:
Blogo responds to the “Post to Weblog” command in news readers, and comes with a bookmarklet which can be added to Safari to send the current web page to Blogo.

Growl notifications:
Growl is now used for all user notifications.

A free 21-day trial is available from the Blogo website, also relaunched, so do try it out if you’re a Mac user interested in desktop blogging applications. Blogo competes with the likes of Ecto and MarsEdit. Don’t miss the comparison piece on Devlounge, talking about these applications.

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