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Blogosphere leads the way on Saddam news

Blogosphere leads the way on Saddam news

The Blogosphere is leading the way on another major news story, the capture of the butcher of Iraq Saddam Hussein, with some great composite and original coverage:
Command Post Iraq: great composite coverage and occasional commentary
The Truth Laid Bear – Saddam captured alive weblog reactions: more famed for his ecosystem than current affairs, NZ Bear dips his paw in the Iraqi sesspool with some great blogwide coverage
Buzz Machine is looking at some of the blogospheres reaction
Winds of Change is running regular updates on the story
Blogs for Bush is providing a similar run down to NZ Bear
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit is naturally giving his 2 bobs worth.
Baghdaddy provides feedback from the front line, as does Boots on the Ground, The Mudville Gazette and Chief Wiggles
Outside the Beltway also covers the reaction of the blogosphere

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