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Blogs turning books worry publishers (dotcom references and more)

Blogs turning books worry publishers (dotcom references and more)

Reuters has a fairly interesting story about blogs turning into books. Apparently some bloggers get paid advances in amounts that usually only applies to traditional bestsellers, and that makes people scared about a burnout in this little sub-niche.

So what? How can they be afraid to pay out this kind of money when they most likely will get free marketing from the writers’€™ blog in the first place? Perhaps getting hundreds of thousands of readers on the go, just because of the writer being a blogger with an established readership already. So what that it’€™s online, big deal, I’€™ve heard some people actually buy books over the Internet…

Granted, not all books are sure wins, but that goes for the publishing business as a whole. But, as always when it comes to blogging, there are talks of hype and references to dotcom.

The Friday Project turns the best of the web into the finest of books, according to their slogan. This is what they have to say:

“It’s like the dot-com boom all over again,” added Paul Carr, Friday Project’s editor in chief.

“In the same way that publishers knew they needed a Web site even if they didn’t know what that was, they’re just buying up blogs because they’re hot.”

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Um, yeah…

Go read the whole thing.

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