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Blogs vs the NY Times: 1-0

Blogs vs the NY Times: 1-0

Almost everybody on the planet would be aware as this article is written that the NY Times has lost its editor following the Jayson Blair PC gone mad issue. However not everyone would be aware that Blogs played a vital role in the downfall.

The Blogosphere flexed it muscles and won. The first blogs to start noting errors were,, and The word spread amongst fellow bloggers and dozens of others began noting errors and bias on an hourly basis. The blogosphere in general created a growing chorus of criticism that helped create public awareness of exactly what was going on at the Times. High profile bloggers like Matt Drudge then took the story to other media sources. The massive publicity following forced transparency on one of the insular and secret institutions in the United States Media market. The result Blogs 1 NY Times 0 with the head of Executive Editor Howell Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd.

The question that arises is that has the blogosphere collectively gained so much power as to shape major events? The NY Times drama highlights the growing powerbase of bloggers. We will watch with interest as it continues to rise.

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