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Boston PD & LAPD Launch Blogs

Boston PD & LAPD Launch Blogs

The blogosphere is abuzz with the launch of the LAPD Blog, featuring Police Chief William “Bill” Bratton. Less heralded is the quiet launch earlier of the BPD News site – which is really a Movable Type blog.

One of my favorite recent BPD posts outlines a loud party near Fenway Park:

District 4 officers broke up a loud party this morning at 34 Medfield Street in the Fenway. Upon hearing the music, officers went to the second floor landing and could see about 40 people drinking inside. Officer asked the group to leave and one guest became confrontational towards the officers. William Carpenter, 23, of Vermont was arrested and charged with being a disorderly person.

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I’m still trying to figure out how 40 people could fit into a place in the Fenway for a party – I’m not sure that my house would hold anywhere near that.

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