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BuddyPress 1.0 Is Out Now

BuddyPress 1.0 Is Out Now

Developer Andy Peatling has announced the BuddyPress version 1.0 release. BuddyPress is a set of plugins for WordPress MU, being the multi-user version of WordPress, and won’t work with a standard install. It adds various Facebook-ish functionalities, you can in fact take it for a spin at That’s the default install.

Peatling mentioned upcoming functionality in his announcement post:

The status updates and gallery components are next on the roadmap, you can expect to see versions of those components appearing later this year. We’ll also be going through the hundreds of enhancement tickets we’ve received, and with your help prioritizing them for future versions.

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I’ve been using BuddyPress for a project for some time, and it appears to be working well enough, although it might be a bit tricky for some to setup, just like WordPress MU is. Read more on the official WordPress blog, and download 1.0 from here.

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