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Burke give Blogs a blast of Wikinews

Burke give Blogs a blast of Wikinews

The World Editors Forum, the organisation for editors within the World Association of Newspapers (WAN), is still campaigning for the leadership of the Old Media Army with a new post this week from a new combatant in the war on blogging, John Burke, who comes to the defence of Wikinews following a few negative comments from a number of blogs, with an attack on the whole of the blogosphere.

Like most of the attacks to date, Burke falls into the usual trap of generalising, referring to all blogs as a collective of like minds, and like all attacks, returns to the Freudian theories of longing for a mother figure in that blogs are somehow not worthwhile as bloggers don’t have editors:
” blogs are defined by individual immediacy of emotion, with no fact-checking and no editor”

Whilst he makes some relevant points on Wikinews, namely that it will take some time to establish itself, in much the same way that Wikipedia did, the attempt to disguise an attack on blogging in a defence of an organisation may bloggers hold dearly: the Wikimedia Foundation, just goes to show once more how far old media will continue to crawl into the gutter in its desperate attempt of relevancy in a world that is quickly passing them by.

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