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But Will Stephen Colbert Abandon YouTube?

But Will Stephen Colbert Abandon YouTube?

With the recent takedown of the Colbert Report and Daily Show clips by YouTube at Viacom’s bidding, the good folks at PBS’s Media Shift sure hope he doesn’t.  The flavour of the “open letter” to Stephen Colbert is a bit tongue in cheek, but the character’s steadfast support and use of new media isn’t.   He’s supported the green-screen challenge (culminating in a light sabre duel with George Lucas), asked his supporters to get a bridge named after him in Hungary (and nearly succeeded, if he wasn’t dead that is) through on-line voting, and coined the phrase “Wikiality” (the number of African elephants is increasing over the past decade!  Look it up! :))

But whyturn to YouTube to enjoy the Colbert Report?  The letter puts it succinctly:

Nice idea, but one problem. When the Colbert Nation goes to YouTube to trade clips or watch them, it’€™s an easy interface, simple to use, simple to watch. When they go to Comedy Central’€™s Motherload, guess what they’€™re in for? A bloated interface, with little control over what you want to watch, and you have to download a special software plug-in if you use the Firefox browser. If you have a Mac? Forget it. No ‘€œColbert’€? for you!

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The light hearted attempt at humor is also buttressed by some solid commentary and on-going updates about the state of Comedy Central clips (which are still there on YouTube).  For further details hit up the MediaShift blog.

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