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Call for ActionAid Bloggers – Make a Difference

Call for ActionAid Bloggers – Make a Difference

We all know that blogging is a rewarding endeavor. Now imagine if you could take that joy and add in an element of philanthropy? ActionAid Australia, an international anti-poverty agency, is planning to send up to 10 bloggers to poverty-stricken countries, in an effort to establish a network of outreach blogs.

Part of the gig includes setting locals up with the equipment and know-how they need to tell their stories.

The organization is hoping to have their next Australian blogger on the ground before Christmas ’09.

If you are dreaming of giving those a social media voice who might not otherwise be heard, this is your chance!

ActionAid is currently trying to raise $10,000 in order to help cover the cost of the next blog outpost.

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If you are interested in the charity work, you can register or nominate someone here. (Application process closes on August 30). If you like to donate, please click here.

ActionAid takes a rights-based approach to poverty eradication, focusing on six key human rights:
1) Women’s and girls’ rights
2) The right to food
3) The right to education
4) The right to just and democratic governance
5) The right to human security in conflict and emergencies
6) The right to life and dignity in the face of HIV and AIDS

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