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Cell Phone Hegemony

Cell Phone Hegemony

Interesting article from John C. Dvorak on the ABC site about mobile phones, not so much for the content but for the quote below (you know what they say about men with the biggest and best cars) and also for who frequent blog critic and bad guy Andrew Orlowsi was meeting with.
Cell Phone Hegemony | ABCNews
“First, picture this gathering: New York Times reporter John Markoff, San Jose Mercury News columnist Dan Gillmor, Andrew Orlowsi from The Register, author Gregg Pascal Zachary, blogger/investor Joi Ito, lyricist/pundit John Perry Barlow, and me….Everyone, with the exception of me, like beings possessed, pulled out one, two, or maybe three cell phones, and while collectively drooling, began the macho 21st century showdown game of “who has the coolest cell phone?””

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