Choate launches Spamlookup for MT

Brad Choate has launched a new spam plugin for MovableType blogs “SpamLookup” which is winning high praise from MT bloggers, including the author of MT Blacklist, and now SixApart employee Jay Allen, who describes the plugin as “the whole damn Swiss Army”.

The new plugin
* Filters inbound comments for all installed weblogs.
* Filters inbound TrackBack pings for all installed weblogs.
* Checks IP address of sender against DNSBL services.
* Checks mentioned domain names against SURBL services.
* IP match test for TrackBack pings.
* URL count limit.
* Dynamic proxy checking.
* Moderation word list.
* Block word list.
* Passphrase requirement for comments and/or TrackBack pings.

The plugin is available for download here.

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