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Chris Pearson talks about the new Blog Herald design

Chris Pearson talks about the new Blog Herald design

Chris Pearson, who is the best damn blog designer that I know, has a lengthy post at Pearsonified (his blog) that talks about the new design here at The Blog Herald.

I’ll leave it to Chris to outline all of the design choices that he made – and why. He also writes quite eloquently and in quite some detail about the backend shenigans that he pulled to make this design provide the functionality that we were looking for.

As he headed into this project, we gave Chris a one page email that basically outlined our vision for the site. Over the next few weeks, Chris shared some various composites with us and we discussed in broad terms what we liked and didn’t. But in the end, Chris came up with this layout, and the functionality, based mostly on that original one page email.

See, I can’t design a damn thing. It’s not my forte, and I don’t pretend to know a single thing about blog design.

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Instead, I listened to what Chris told me and then said “I think that sounds great…”

And I’m very pleased with how it all turned out….

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