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CIA set to raid BloggerCon: Osama Bin Winer suspect

CIA set to raid BloggerCon: Osama Bin Winer suspect

Amazing news coming from the US this morning where Pentagon Insiders have tipped off the Blog Herald that CIA agents will be raiding BloggerCon 2 today to question Dave Winer in relation to terrorist activities. Agents were disturbed to discover links between Dave “Osama Bin” Winer and facism after doing an image search on Google and discovering the following disturbing link:

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CIA spokesman and international man of mystery Ben Trott said that Dave was also being investigated on charges of treachery against TypeKey.
“As a nation we cannot stand by and allow bearded men to upset Mena over breakfast” said Ben.

“All we want to do is help people, and Bin Winer asks all these questions: its just not American.”

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AOL spokesperson John Mcblognotalot, stated that Bin Winer was not on their payroll: “As much as we’d like to see SixApart fail, Daves doing this of his own back, and not off our payroll”.
Harvard was not available for comment.

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