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CoComment tries again with major new release

CoComment tries again with major new release

Earlier this year, CoComment kicked off with alot of fanfare and interest around the blogosphere.

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And then it disappeared.

CoComment launched with great hope. A way to track and monitor your comments and interesting comment threads from around the blogosphere. Unfortuantely, it didn’t quite live up to its expectations.

Now, CoComment is back with several new features & improvements including conversation/comment tracking, meta conversations, a new interface, and multiple languages.

Easton Ellsworth over at BusinessBlogWire has this to say:

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Now is the time to talk about it – coComment has taken a big step toward becoming the world’s first bona fide comment search engine and comment tracking community. Monetization opportunities now become clearer for both coComment and potential search and advertising partners.

I agree – I’m really liking what I see so far in the new version.

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