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Collaborative Blogging Made Easy

Collaborative Blogging Made Easy

There are many tools out there that simplify the process of making a wiki, and the latest to hit the Web is GagaPost.

If you’re looking to start a collaborative blog, and are willing to share authorship and ownership, than GagaPost is for you.

After posting your thoughts on a topic you can invite friends to comment or contribute their own post. Free accounts receive a space limit of 100MB.

Comment threads can be started anywhere in the post which is an interesting twist on the current blog model. As bloggers, we often rally about how important reader participation is. Yet ever notice how comments are always at the bottom of posts – as if they were an afterthought? Contextual commenting flips that model on its head.

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An iPhone app lets users use the site directly from the portable device.

There’s certainly no shortage of blog platform options. Let us know if you give GagaPost a try.

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