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Communists ban Bloggers book

Communists ban Bloggers book

If you haven’t heard about Mu Zimei, a 25-year-old “rock chick” from the southern city of Guangzhou in China yet, you soon will. Ms Zimei, whose name translates to “the Wooden Child”, has gained wide spread publicity for the postings on her blog. Her syle of sex and free love has drawn the attention of the Chinese Communist party, which has moved to ban her book, in a scandal that has bought her even more attention not only in her homeland, but worldwide as well.
Her story is one of the opening up of China to Western ideals, a clash of cultures as free speach and liberty clash with with communism and the old guard of China.
Coverage of her book ban is featured at the Telegraph. If you interested in her blog, at the time of publication all links to the blog were down, perhaps blocked by the Chinese Government, however a number of other blogs are covering her work including: China Digital News, Danwei, and Yahoo! China (note in Chinese), with Danwei featuring some translations of her work: not for those under 18.

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