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ComScore intros “Conversational Media Report” service for blogs and social media sites

ComScore intros “Conversational Media Report” service for blogs and social media sites

ComScore, the global Internet information provider who measures consumer behavior in a wide variety of different sectors, has developed the Conversational Media Report, offering global measurement of both mainstream and niche blog audiences, as well as users of social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace.

WebProNews reports that comScore has collaborated with Federated Media — who publish a wide range of popular blogs including BoingBoing, CrunchGear, Gaping Void, and OhGizmo! — to put in place “a custom weighting and projection system so the reporting of this category reflects the characteristics of the visitors to blogging sites covering a wide range of topics and interests.”

Dr. Magid Abraham, CEO and co-founder of comScore, said, “With the creation and consumption of user generated Web 2.0 content continuing to grow at a rapid pace, our customers are requesting expanded reporting of consumer usage.

“The comScore Conversational Media Report gives the most comprehensive and accurate view of this market by properly accounting for heavy users of blogging sites.”

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How significant this will be remains to be seen. Though it probably won’t be of much direct use to the average blogger, if large companies and their decision makers take investment decisions both within and without the blogosphere based on it, then it could be important for a great many blogs.

(Via WebProNews)

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