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Convention Bloggers ready to roll

Convention Bloggers ready to roll

The main story dominating the blogosphere this week will be the DNC and the “Convention Bloggers”. Whether you’re left or right on the political spectrum, or just don’t give a hoot, bloggers are being thrust to the forefront of the Democratic process in the world’s most powerful nation in a way never seen before. Even if the convention is nothing more that a shambolic infomercial as has been suggested by some, it is none the less an interesting exercise. With the Convention to start money The Blog Herald provides a quick guide to the blogs to watch.

Dave Winer subscribes to the Jason McCabe Calacanis school of blog naming with the snazzily designed site “Convention Bloggers”, providing an aggregated feed from the bloggers present at the convention and the most assessable way to see what’s happening.
The DNC Convention Blog probably won’t win any awards but you’ll get to here convention news straight from the horses donkey’s mouth.
Look to Electablog for balanced and insightful reporting
Wonkette will probably deliver a scoop or two but with commitments to MTV don’t expect a lot of difficult or long words.
Teegan Goodards Political Wire will impress whilst bets are on that Kos will be ejected from the Convention for saying something nasty.

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