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Cows are in: report

Cows are in: report

A new report from MSNBC indicates that cows are now apparently the new black in the blogosphere, with a rise in the number of fictional animal characters blogging as marketing firms seek to cash in on the blogosphere by promoting a new range of gun toting, keyboard tapping fluffy animals.

Not only that, the animals also use Blogger to appear to be more “legitimate” and apparently also utilise RSS.

On enthralling entry at the Bovines Unite blog from Millie the Cow from Easton, Maryland reads:

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Oh. My. God. Louise has THE WORST cow breath. Ugh. It’€™s soooooooo gross. I mean, I guess it wouldn’€™t be so bad if she had some semblance of personal space whatsoever. Honestly, is it really that hard to understand? You’€™ve got your grass, I’€™ve got mine. But noooooooo. Not Louise. She’€™s one of those close-mooers. And it’€™s not like you can drop a subtle hint either. There’€™s really no polite way to say ‘€œListen, here’€™s some hay. Your breath stinks like pig.

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