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Crossing Jordan features blogging

Crossing Jordan features blogging

Steve Valentine is not a computer expert, but he plays one on NBC’s “Crossing Jordan.” His character, criminalist and forensics expert Dr. Nigel Townsend, uses scientific techniques and outstanding computer skills to help Boston medical examiner Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh solve crimes, and that’s where Nigel’s newest hobby comes in, blogging, with a real life blog called Nigelblog, with posts asking for information on an unsolved triple homicide in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood reports Earthlink.

Whether bloggers are going to respond well to another fake blog with fake stories to promote a television show or commercial product is not yet clear, although as always, you are welcome to leave your comments (if Spam Karma doesn’t try to block them again).

The site went live Feb. 13, and from March 4, users will be offered a “reward” for helping to solve the murder case, and those who correctly answer online questions about the clues will be entered to win a “Crossing Jordan” prize package. On March 22, five winners will be randomly chosen out of the correct entries.

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On a bright note, atleast blogs are being used and mentioned more frequently in fictional television programming, which is representative of the influence and frequencing of which blogs now play in everyday life.

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