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Why Curvy Blogger Put On A Bikini For The First Time In 25 Years

Why Curvy Blogger Put On A Bikini For The First Time In 25 Years

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Los Angeles-based blogger Sarah Sapora has always been curvy and because of that she dealt with body image issues. For the first time in 25 years, she put on a bikini to remind the world of a valuable lesson.

She explained that she had always loved her body, but her insecurities led her to feel like she couldn’t freely display her body and wear what she wanted.

“I’ve ALWAYS loved myself,” wrote Sarah. “But, how I’ve defined that love has changed dramatically of recent. I have always passionately believed in the right we all have to feel easy in our skin. At any size, at any weight, at any stage of life.”

Sapora swallowed her fears and stepped out of her comfort zone in a big way: a beach photoshoot in a bikini. The results of which were published for thousands to see.

“But feeling “acceptance” in our skin isn’t the same thing as feeling free in our body. And, as I know now, it isn’t the same as feeling bold. Empowered. Ready. Excited. Energized. Lively.”

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Her enlightening beach photoshoot was all part of a sponsored partnership with Lane Bryant, a popular plus size women’s clothing retailer. Sapora explains she hopes her courageous photo shot will remind women that they don’t have to fit the body image mold.

“Ready? That hiding? That anxiety you feel about who you are and what you look like? That fear you have that people are looking and going to laugh at you for dreaming big, being bold, or coloring outside the lines? It’s bananas.”

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