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Dave Winer launches Tech.Newsjunk

Dave Winer launches Tech.Newsjunk

Dave Winer, of Scripting News fame, has launched a new site called, a Memetracker of sorts following technology product news.

Having long been unhappy with the sort of news highlighted by TechMeme, Dave writes of the new site:

I created the site because I wasn’t getting enough news about products. It’s that simple. I’m interested in the other stuff too, the finance, trends, parties, puppets — but that’s adequately covered on TechMeme. What wasn’t getting through is the stuff I, as a product developer, care the most about — news about products. And the interesting new products I’d find wouldn’t make it onto the bus. If it got bought by Google or Microsoft, that would likely show up on TM, or if a VC invested a lot of money in it. But I like to find out when things are small, before other people invest. Permalink to this paragraph

It’s important to note that the Tech NewsJunk, like the political one, does not have original content, it just points to the sites that are producing the relevant stories.

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I’ve been reading since it’s launch on July 4th and have noticed a number of stories and links that would likely have never drifted onto my TechMeme radar screen – it may do the same for you.

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