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Deutsche Welle Announces the BOBs: Best of the Blogs

Deutsche Welle Announces the BOBs: Best of the Blogs

Deutsche Welle has announced the 2007 Best of the Blogs competition, where blogs from around the world compete for the prestige of being considered the “best” from among 15 categories, including best weblog, best podcast, best videoblog, Blogwurst award, and best weblog in each of the 10 eligible languages. A Reporters Without Borders award will also be given to an eligible blogger who takes a strong stance on freedom of information online.

Partnering with Reporters Without Borders for this year’s competition, the main goals of the BOBs are to “present a wide spectrum of the blogsphere and to
encourage a language-crossing dialogue through this new form of media,” and also to “support bloggers in countries where freedom of speech and press are limited,” according to Deutsche Welle editor-in-chief Uta Thofern.

Nomination is open throughout September this year, and finalists would be selected by October 10th and winners by November 10th. The jury is comprised of bloggers, journalists and media experts from around the globe. The awarding ceremony will be held on November 15th in Berlin, Germany.

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