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DirecTV Genie Service: Why I Love DVR’s Again

DirecTV Genie Service: Why I Love DVR’s Again

DirecTV Genie

For many years digital video recorders (DVRs) offered stagnant technology that focused on a singular goal, recording in a fashion similar to traditional VCRs. However, in the last year Dish Network has rolled out its Hopper service and DirecTV has answered with the Genie DVR.

It is that DirecTV Genie service that has excited me once again about using DVR technology. Launched in December 2012 the DirecTV whole-house service offers the flexibility of DVR with the power of new technology.

The new service can serve up to eight televisions in a single home with four TVs recording shows at one time. Customers can sign up for the service with a new DirecTV contract and existing customers can upgrade for $300. DirecTV notes that many smart TVs, including new sets from Samsung come with the software already ready to be used by DirecTV customers.

As a new customers to DirecTV I was able to have the new technology installed with expert satellite installation at no additional cost and given the tech I received that was the cherry on top of the platform.

The Genie DVR comes in the form of the HR34 which features a nicely sized 1TB hard drive that connects to the homes main TV. Other TVs can then receive a C31 Genie Mini Client or customers can connect their RVU-capable Samsung HDTV.  The nicest part about the C31 Genie Mini Client is that it is extremely small compared to the main box, making it the perfect choice for wall mounted and flat panel TVs.

One of the biggest generalized complaints in recently years from customers has been the dated interface found on traditional DVRs, to combat that dated UI DirecTV has added a new interface that includes five easy to browse sections that includes: My DirecTV, Search & Browse, Recordings, Extras and Settings & Help. That’s not to say the “dated” menu is gone, the unit still features a grid guide that can be accessed six channels at a time and a mini guide that can allow for TV browsing while keeping the original program on the TV screen.

My one personal complaint is that a centralized box for recording does mean the possibility of a single point for failed equipment, with that being said, not having to pay for expensive DVRs in each room is a huge plus, especially in a home with 5 television sets.

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From expert satellite installation to a ton of new features I couldn’t be any happier with my DirecTV Genie service. Satellite isn’t for everyone but given my choices of expensive cable TV or an easily accessible DVR product from DirecTV I think I made the right choice.



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