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Disqus Version 3 Launches, Major ‘Real-Time’ Upgrade

Disqus Version 3 Launches, Major ‘Real-Time’ Upgrade

DisqusThe comment system Disqus has finally launched it much prehyped V3 release. With the release of the new Disqus, the externally hosted comment system follows Echo, the recently launched JS-Kit platform, on the heels and joins the ‘real-time web’.
Before we tell you that Disqus joined the Vanity URL bandwagon, it needs to be known that the company has split their product up into two different sections: one for comementers and one for publishers.

Commenters Profile

The new profile for commenters is much more than just another profile but is a ‘real-time comments management system’, allowing you to set your account up to submit your comments activity to other social networks/platforms such as Twittr and Facebook. You can also manage all your comments left on blogs using the Disqus comment system in real-time. Yes, you can even edit your comments from your Disqus account or delete. If you chose to delete the comments, your association with the comment on said blog will be marked ‘Anonymous’.



Publisher profile

Much work has been gone in to the new publisher account settings for Disqus. Not only can you now offer multiple connect/login options, such as Facebook, OpenID and Twitter sign-in, but the customization options for administrators are ample and simple as well. Many options are offered to customize the layout and CSS of the Disqus comments and for the first time it now is also possible to import comments from IntenseDebate or JS-Kit. Click the thumbnails for larger view.




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Disqus has come a long way since its initial launch and it is highly likely that The Blog Herald will also integrate the comment system over the next weeks.

Did I tell you that your Disqus profile will now be accessible via your Disqus vanity URL? Find it at

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