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Duncan Riley 2.0

Duncan Riley 2.0

Steve Hodson draws a profile of Duncan Riley calling him “Duncan Riley 2.0” with Duncan’s recent move away from TechCrunch and to his own internet site at Inquisitr:

However I have been far more impressed by some of his more current posts regarding the rising discussion about the evolution of blogging. In his series of posts about Blogging 2.0 he has written what I consider some of his best and most balanced pieces yet. Gone is the easy to ruffle writing and replaced with well thought out and interesting posts.

While I still think that the old take no prisoners Duncan style of writing is still there I think that the move to starting up The Inquisitr was the best things he could have done for himself; and given the quality of posts the best thing for us his readers as well.

I think I’ve been watching Duncan alot longer than most have – having watched him from afar at The Blog Herald for a long time before purchasing the site from him in 2006. His various styles of writing and overall honesty as a writer are just part of who he is….

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Even when he writes what some describe as an “angry” post – Duncan’s just being who he is…

People keep trying to figure him out – when he’s really just being authentically himself – which is what I wish more bloggers did…

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