Duncan Riley introduces iQ.inquisitr.com

Duncan Riley, formerly the owner of The Blog Herald and a former writer at TechCrunch, has launched a new site for his growing Inquisitr family at Inquisitr iQ.

Duncan writes:

The site launches with three pages, a front page that offers a summary to some of the best news blogs in the 2.0 space (and the Inquisitr of course, but I’m allowed to put my own link in). The second page offers a summary of the best news in the blogging world, an early passion of mine. The third page is a summary of all the major meme trackers, so users can quickly glance at what’s hot across the web.

The original idea was to do more pages, and in future weeks and months I will roll out more.

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The site is inspired, of course, by tools like Popurls – but Duncan’s has a nice look & feel – and the selection of sites is much more inspired than those of his competitor.

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