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Eager To Show Off Your A-list Status?

Eager To Show Off Your A-list Status?

Well, a little tool over at Kineda will help you with that anyway, as it spits out a nice little badge equating your inbound Technorati-graded links over the past 6 months into some semblance of blogger status.

Much as Technorati assigns “authority” to that number of inbound links, so does the Kineda tool assign letter status.

(>500 in 6 months) Very high authority == A list

(100 – 499 in 6 months) High authority == B list

… and so on.

If you get a kick out of things like this (or place an overly important emphasis on Technorati), check it out for your badge.

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PS BlogHerald is an “A-list” blog.

(hat tip: Andy Beal)

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