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ECA acquires political gaming blog

ECA acquires political gaming blog

The ECA, short for Entertainment Consumers Association, is a new non-profit organization that aims to give gamers a voice in the world. I’€™d reckon they want to get a say in all the media frenzy that surrounds computer and videogames every now and then, and that’€™s good I guess.

They surprised me by buying, a blog about when games turns to politics. You might have seen Crazy Horse, err, Jack Thompson on the telly and he’€™s been up for discussion (in a civilized manner mind you) over at frequently. That’€™s the kind of coverage they do, and beyond what ends up in mainstream media scope. It’€™s a pretty good blog if you’€™re interested in when gaming and politics collide in America.

No sum was disclosed, perhaps there was none as the blog and ECA seems to be working towards the same goal.

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