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EU kicks off blog for Internet safety

EU kicks off blog for Internet safety

The European Commission has launched a global blog aimed at “increasing Internet safety”, and a “Blogathon” involving some 33 countries as part of “Safer Internet Day”.

The initiative is aimed at raising awareness and give Internet users a platform to share experiences and cultural attitudes about their use of the worldwide web.

The Ausrtalian Government is also supporting the move, with Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Helen Coonan saying ‘€œThe Australian Government strongly supports online education initiatives such as Safer Internet Day. These initiatives are vital in making the online environment safer for the entire community.’€?

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What Senator Coonan, isn’t the Federal Government’s nanny-state approach to censoring the Australian Internet and banning online casino gambling not working? (after all, online gambling is immoral and yet offline gambling is ok according to the Liberal Party). After all, we all thought it really had nothing to do with the fact that ClubsNSW and other Australian gambling operators are major donors to the NSW Liberal Party now, and you were really just concerned about the kiddies :-)

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