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Facebook Rolls Out New Enhanced Targeting Options

Facebook Rolls Out New Enhanced Targeting Options

Targeting and social media go hand in hand because people are so willing to offer up personal information on social networking sites—Facebook being one of the most tempting. After all, your friends may want to know what your major is in school or where you’re currently working, and we can’t forget about the all important relationship status and birthday. This information doesn’t seem quite as necessary to share with your Twitter followers or your LinkedIn connections, but Facebook makes it easy to share this information. This information has been huge when it comes to advertisements, but what about targeting organic updates and posts?

Unfortunately, Facebook would only allow businesses to target their organic page updates by a user’s location and language. Although this worked OK in the past, adding more advanced targeting options has been a long time coming—and the time is finally here. Just two days ago on July 31st, Facebook announced that they will soon be rolling out “Page Post Targeting Enhanced.”

How Facebook Enhanced Targeting Works

In the past, business page admins were allow to make specific posts visible to certain people in terms of location and language. While these two filters will still be an option, there are several other new options that are expected to roll out to all business pages over the next few weeks. TechCrunch explained that a few of these enhanced targeting features include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interested In
  • Relationship Status
  • Education
  • College, College Major, Years
  • High School
  • Workplace

Putting these targeting options in place will ensure that specific messages are being sent to the news feed of specific people (or categories of people). However, all updates will appear on your company’s homepage. For example, if you were to create a post specifically for those majoring in Business Finance, only those who have listed that major will see that post in his/her newsfeed. However, everyone will be able to see that post if they visit your company’s homepage.

Page admins will also be able to see just how many fans would be receiving a message based on a specific filter. This will allow a company to better understand who their fans really are and where their messages are going.

How Your Company Can Take Advantage of Facebook Enhanced Targeting

This is a huge step for online marketers that utilize Facebook. According to Hubspot, “targeted and segmented lead nurturing emails generate an 8% click-through rate compared to general email sends, which generate just a 3% click-through rate.”

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Facebook has realized the potential that their network has for businesses as well as users. Not only will businesses benefit from being able to send specific posts to specific groups of people, but users will benefit because their messages will be more relevant. Now that Facebook is on board and users are on board (whether they realize it or not), it’s all up to your company.

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