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Feedburner gets Wired & launches Web Ads

Feedburner gets Wired & launches Web Ads

I grew up, so to speak, reading Wired Magazine.

As a highly active member of the cypherpunks,as well as a few other ummm shady organizations back in my college days, Wired Magazine was the epitome of cool to me. In some ways, it still is.

Hell, you could email their authors.. Not something you find most magazines doing, even today, more than a decade later.

Thus I find Feedburner’s new partnership with Wired News to be of interest. Feedburner will be providing them with feed serving, ads, advanced analytics, and other community tools.

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Expanding their Ad Network

In addition, Feedburner also announced today that they are expanding their ad network beyond just feed ads. Soon, they’ll begin serving ads for websites and blogs as well.

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