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Findings From Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project

Findings From Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project

BlogHer, a growing community of woman who blog, recently wrapped up a conference in Chicago, IL.

One of the convention activities included a forum for bloggers to share their opinions on “responsible blogging.” As part of Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project, BlogHer attendees were given a chance to sound off on several key blogging issues.

Here are some of the findings:

> 98 percent of surveyed bloggers believe it is acceptable to receive a free product

> A majority of bloggers mentioned transparency, disclosure and honesty as key caveats to receiving free product and writing sponsored posts

> 84 percent said honesty is a key trait of a responsible blogger, followed by transparency (66 percent) and reliable sources (56 percent)

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You can view some of the confessional here.

Now let’s hear from the dudes! Do you think the above findings are in-line with what you’d expect from both sexes?

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  • I’m kind of floored that 98 percent would take the free gift. I get offered free gifts all the time and regularly turn them down. Nor do I take seriously those who accept them even with the transparency (like all those idiots who took SeaWorld up on its offer awhile ago).

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