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Fitness Blog Shows Us All How Transformation Photos Can Be Deceiving

Fitness Blog Shows Us All How Transformation Photos Can Be Deceiving

Fitness bloggers love to showcase side by side transformation photos, but one blogger is showing how easily we can be deceived.

Madalin Giorgetta is known as an Instagram fitness star and has amassed thousands of followers. Known for posting workouts and health tips, Giorgetta decided to shed some light on how not everything is what it seems.

Social media is littered with photos of shocking fitness transformations, but the young blogger wanted to show how easy it can be to deceive followers.

Giorgetta posted a side by side transformation of herself. At first galnce, there seems to be slight differences between the two. However, Giorgetta was quick to explain nothing was how it seemed.

“30 second transformation,” Giorgetta wrote in the viral post, which had garnered more than 17,000 likes as of Monday morning. “I don’t look like either in real life… in real life I’m not flexing like on the right and I’m not pushing my hips forwards like in the left.”

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The photo quickly went viral and showed us all how easily photos can be altered, even without editing.

“Real life isn’t what you see on Instagram peeps,” she wrote. “In real life I’m demanding cuddles off my boyfriend, I’m chasing my cat around the house or I’m doing an in-depth analysis of Married at First Sight with my friends.” 

Giorgetta’s post has since been shared and liked thousands of times.

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