Food Blogger Accuses Fast Food Giant Of Stealing His Recipe

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Fast food restaurants are known for introducing outrageous food creations in an effort to gain sales. Take for instance, Burger King’s latest introduction: Mac N’ Cheetos.

It is bizarre as it sounds. Consisting of macaroni and cheese crusted in Cheetos, the strange food hasn’t seem to have the results the company had hoped for. Sales increased slightly, but nowhere near the projected rise of 1.6 percent. However, Mac N’ Cheetos did create a little buzz with tons of #macncheetos hashtags. But, it seems the cheesy food item is now finding itself in the middle of a controversy.

Kyle Marcoux is the mastermind behind the successful food blog, The Vulgar Chef. In September 2015, he concocted Cheetos Crusted Mac N’ Cheese Fries. In his YouTube video, Marcoux coats frozen macaroni and cheese with Cheetos crumbs and throws them into a deep fryer.

Now here comes the controversy. Burger King introduced their Mac N’ Cheetos nine months later. Marcoux claims the fast food giant stole his recipe.


Marcoux told FoodBeast that he has had recipes stolen in the past, but this is ridiculous.

“At first I was like what the fuck? Like, you’re fucking Burger King,” he said. “It actually is a little flattering that a company as large as BK would take an idea from a fat, drunk illiterate food blogger who is basically an Internet food troll. Kind of sad, if you ask me,” said Marcoux.

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Actually, all Marcoux wants is for Burger King to acknowledge where they found the idea.

“If I could write an open letter to the fast food bitches, I would tell them I love them and their artery-clogging food and if they want any help creating new exotic menu items to drop me a fucking email,” he said. “Don’t just skim through my blog and try to sneak one over on me. All of us food bloggers want at the end of the day is credit.”

Burger King has yet to comment on the issue.

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