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Fortune Global Forum launches dedicated website

Fortune Global Forum launches dedicated website

Fortune magazine launched a fully-dedicated editorial web site for and about the upcoming Fortune Global Forum, set to take place this coming October 29 to 31 in New Delhi, India, with special focus on videos, blogs, panels and features. The site will host up to 12 videos leading up to the conference and is projected to host over 60 by the conclusion of the conference. It currently hosts six videos, including a recent interview by Fortune International Editor Robert Friedman with India’s Commerce Minister, Kamal Nath, and an expose on India’s Bollywood film industry going global.

Current blogs include “Chasing the Dragon” and “Riding the Elephant” by Fortune international writers Clay Chandler and John Elliot, respectively, and the Fortune Global Forum-dedicated blog in which Fortune’s editorial conference attendees are invited to discuss the forum.

Also unique to the site are a special roundtable of panelists comprised of experts doing business in India who discuss current local issues of interest, and feature stories from the latest issues of Fortune and Fortune’s online home,

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