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French Blogger Embarks On ‘Zero Waste’ World Tour

French Blogger Embarks On ‘Zero Waste’ World Tour

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One blogger has set out on a mission to prove to the world how easy it is to produce less waste. French blogger, Louise Salvati traveled to South America as the first leg of her “Zero Waste” tour.

For Salvati, this mission to travel the globe and teach others about environmental consciousness began as a personal journey.

Salvati tells The China Post that she made the personal goal of not creating any waste. She donated clothes that she hadn’t worn more than once, furniture that she didn’t need and anything cluttering her life to people in need.


With only the bare essentials, Salvati went to great lengths to keep from creating waste. She made homemade cleaning products and bought wholesale food. She has extra careful to avoid any individually wrapped food or synthetically made product.

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“Whatever can’t be reused, recycled or turned into compost goes into a transparent container in the middle of the kitchen as a reminder of how I’m doing.” she says. 

It seems Salvati is doing pretty well too. So far, the only thing to make it into the container is the plastic packaging from a lock she recently purchased to use for her backpack while on the tour.

What do you think? Could you adopt this waste-free lifestyle?

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