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French teens in blog suicide pact

French teens in blog suicide pact

Two teenagers from Bleriot-Sangatte, France were remembered by 1,000 mourners at a funeral Tuesday, after formulating a suicide pact that was subsequently posted on one of their blogs.

Ange de Tristesse (Angel of Sadness), Clemence, 14, is believed to have thrown herself off a cliff with Noemie, who was 15. Their full names have been withheld by police.

Clemence wrote on 20 January 2005: “No one has pushed me into suicide. I just wanted to leave this world, which is so empty, which I no longer value. Despite those people who I love with all my heart.” She accompanied her words with photographs that featured blood, destruction, women in tears and, in one instance, a crucifix.

The deaths end a recent run of blogging murder and mayhem exclusive to SixApart LiveJournal users, with the blog (now offline) being hosted at the French blogging service

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Butterfly from Neverwhere, the mother of Clemence’s best friend, writes on her blog ” I never saw it coming, I would never have believed that she would make a suicide attempt.. she was a teenager, merry, singing, adoring cuddly toys, pink sheep in particular…it was hidden to me…Supervise your children”.

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