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Fresno Blogger Changing The Vegan Blogging Scene

Fresno Blogger Changing The Vegan Blogging Scene

Street Vegan Tacos

Ashley Hankins-Marchetti is turning her passion for vegan cooking into a career with her blog,

It was only about two years ago that the Fresno blogger watched a documentary about the environmental dangers of raising livestock. Seeing the dangers posed, she decided right then to become a vegan. With the help of her wife, they cleaned out the entire kitchen from any type of animal food product.

Street Vegan Tacos
Photo credit: Eat Pigs Not Figs

“People thought we were crazy for not eating meat anymore,” Hankins-Marchetti tells the Fresno Bee. “As an animal lover and someone who cares about the environment, I wanted to change how we eat.”

Hankins-Marchetti has dedicated her life to this lifestyle and she is passionate about sharing her lifestyle with others. On her blog, she shares recipes and cooking tips. She calls her type of cooking, “vegan comfort food.”

“Both Ashlee and I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen and what we have learned is that with just a little extra effort you can create some amazing meals,” Hankins-Marchetti said.

She wants people to understand that being vegan doesn’t mean giving up great tasting foods.

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“I would love to someday make a career out of this because it has become a real passion of mine,” Hankins-Marchetti says. “And I know there are others out there looking for more options.”

And it seems as if she is on the right track. Her blog, Eat Figs Not Pigs gets thousands of views daily and has thousands of subscribers.

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