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From little things, big things grow

From little things, big things grow

To all those Google censorship haters out there, this from Slashdot:

Chinese Journalists Beat Censorship With Web
“When Beijing tried to make a journalist’s pay at one newspaper depend on official reactions to their stories, a web-savvy reporter was able to create a groundswell of public opinion and reverse the move.” From the article: “Just before the meeting, Li had posted a blistering letter on the newspaper’s computer system attacking the Communist Party’s propaganda czars and a plan by the editor in chief to dock reporters’ pay if their stories upset party officials. No one told the editor in chief. For 90 minutes, he ran the meeting, oblivious to the political storm that was brewing. Then Li announced what he had done.”

More at The Washington Post.

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Revolutions are rarely successful overnight, the most successful change is one made peacefully and with the support of the people, over time.

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