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Fwix launches local news revenue-sharing service: AdWire

Fwix launches local news revenue-sharing service: AdWire

adwire-logoWith the increasing number of publishers creating hyper-local sites, it’s no surprise that services such as AdWire are springing up to allow them to add a new stream of relevant advertising and earn revenue.

AdWire, from Fwix, is a local news distribution system which allows web publishers to add widgets to their sites that will provide local news and ads.

AdWire serves up news based on particular categories that a publisher sets, but it also takes visitors’ geography into consideration when serving content, hopefully keeping stories relevant.

Ads are served in between main content.

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It’s also possible for content creators to make money by allowing their content to be syndicated by Fwix.

“Our vision is to bring local news content together and reward the major parties involved with the revenue and audience they deserve,” said CEO of Fwix, Darian Shirazi. “With AdWire, we have developed an intelligent and efficient revenue model that now supports both content creators and publishers.”

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