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Gates and Blogging for freedom

Gates and Blogging for freedom

I nearly choked on my bacon and eggs (a Sunday only treat) when I heard Bill Gates say this on Nines Sunday program. It seems he really is serious on blogging.
“JANA WENDT: But do you ever sit back and become a little frightened at what you have, in part at least, unleashed?
BILL GATES: Well, if you look at, say, what happened in Russia, the fact that email and Internet was available to the citizens and they couldn’t suppress the fact that their economy was doing a terrible job for them, leaving them behind, even though the rhetoric had been that they were very state-of-the-art, I feel proud of what the Internet has done to promote the idea of availability of information and empowerment. Overwhelmingly, this kind of freedom that anybody can publish, not just the newspapers or the people on TV, but you can create a web site or a blog, share your ideas. People can search and find out. It’s very, very positive. “

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