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Geonomy: The Earth tagged on so many locations

Geonomy: The Earth tagged on so many locations

This is a particularly interesting new project. Geonomy basically specializes in geo-tagging almost anything that is of interest to you with most of the existing tags already having Wikipedia related entries.

GeonomyIt’s very easy to use and you can go through it in 3 simple steps: find an interesting place -> tag it -> customize/save and share. This site allows you to plot locations on a google map, tag them, and then permalink them. The permalink can be setup to show all places with a tag, or that match a particular full text search.

There are so many possible uses of this service but I believe it goes nicely in conjunction with a travel blog. Not only can they allow their users to “see the places” that they blog about (on a Google map or downloaded to Google Earth), but they can also provide links back to their blog posts – allowing other Geonomy users to find their blogs and get hooked spatially.

Geonomy also includes over 60,000 Wikipedia articles about places, including all places from Placeopedia, so you can tag a relevant article that is near/at the place you are blogging about as well and include it for your readers.

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