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GoDaddy Company Now Hosts New Enterprise-Level Plans

GoDaddy Company Now Hosts New Enterprise-Level Plans


Media Temple, a company owned GoDaddy has announced that they are now offering new enterprise-level WordPress hosting plans. On its official website, GoDaddy’s company explained its new business concept with two new plans and services. The base package starts around $2,500.

The enterprise web hosting solutions would be powered by WordPress and Amazon Web Services. The company explained that they hope this new strategy would attract more enterprise businesses.

Yibada reports that “the new packages also include staging environment, Developer tools, PHP7, traffic scalability, and redundant web, database and file servers. Managed services include Media Temple’s CloudTech Premier (mt) One Account Management, up to 5 site migrations, and WordPress core and plugin updates.”

As for the $2,500 base package, the plan includes 1 terabyte of cloud storage, up to 10 docking containers and Amazon RDS MySQL database.

Customers can request larger packages and add more features, such as more cloud storage or docking containers.

“Based on the feedback we collected from the WordPress community and our pilot program, we know that enterprises take WordPress very seriously. They also want to partner with experts who can unleash the power of the cloud for them and help increase their overall business efficiency,” said Brendan Fortune, Senior Director of Product Management at Media Temple. “With our highly available managed WordPress solutions, we are bringing them the sophistication of the world’s most popular web and app platform, uniquely combined with high-end, 24/7 support and account management, as well as the reliability of AWS.”

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These plans will benefit both Amazon and the GoDaddy subsidiary.

“Many enterprise-level customers consider the level of service and support just as critical as the quality of the WordPress hosting solution itself,” said Deb Shea, Director of Strategy and Operations at Media Temple. “They want real-timeliness and account managers who can advocate for them throughout the business, which is exactly what our new WordPress plans are offering.”

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