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GoDaddy Warns Of Latest Phishing Scam

GoDaddy Warns Of Latest Phishing Scam

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If you have a domain registered through GoDaddy, the company wants you to be aware of a new scam circulating the web. The popular web domain company is warning customers of a new phishing email that targets owners of valuable domain names registered with GoDaddy.

In an email to customers, Joe Styler, GoDaddy’s Aftermarket Product Manager explained the danger of falling for the scheme:

“We were made aware this morning by a few customers that they are getting emails claiming to be from GoDaddy that are saying that their valuable domains sold and that they should unlock them and move them to the buyer within 5 days. These emails are FAKE please be extra careful as they appear to come from [email protected] but are actually not and they also look like our email templates but the wording is inconsistent with what we would send.

We never ask you to move domains to a buyer within 5 days. I will include the full body of the email below and the subject line so you can be aware and on the lookout. Always feel free to check your “sold” section in your auctions account to confirm a sale and also to reach out to our support if you have any concerns. It is always best to be safe by double checking and we are happy to help.”

He also included an example of what the emails appear to look like:


Subject of fake email:
Your Domain,, Has Sold

Body of fake email:

Congratulations! The following domain name has sold at auction:

Buyer Email : [email protected]
Item Number 185956149

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We have confirmed the funds cleared for the domain name. Please follow the instructions and send the data within 5 days

How to proceed
2.Send to Buyer Email : Authorization code
If you have any questions, contact Customer Support:

Online Support
• Email: [email protected]
• 24/7 Support by Phone: 020 7084 1810


If you believe you have received one of these emails or if you ever feel suspicious about an email, you should always contact the source directly. This is not the only scheme that could befall bloggers and other website owners. Security experts warn that it is important to always stay vigilant about your site’s safety.

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