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Google+ Exodus, The Simplest Tool to Invite Your Facebook Friends to Google+

Google+ Exodus, The Simplest Tool to Invite Your Facebook Friends to Google+

Google+ Exodus

For many the main decision to make when moving to Google+ is whether they will leave their social graph behind and start to rebuild from scratch at a new network. While we know that more than 10 million users have signed up for the new service from Google, Facebook has played a role for many and millions of users have developed their social online network over years.

The decision whether to move to a new network and possibly be alone, or have only is small circle, is one many users will not take easily. The new tool Google+ Exodus could come to the rescue.

Two Tufts University alumnis, Jack Carter and Albert Nichols created Google+ Exodus, which could make the transition easier.

Google+ Exodus is as simple as tools come and does all the work of inviting your Facebook friends for you. The process checks first your friend list on Facebook and then who has created an @facebook email account (Facebook users who have set a username).

Once this is determined, Google+ Exodus will send all these users an invite to Google+

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When you use Exodus, all of your friends with Facebook Email set up (the ones with profile URLs like “”) will get an invite to Google+. It will appear in the “Other” subsection of the Messages page. It won’t bother them by showing up in the notifications bar. If more than one of your friends uses Exodus, the messages will appear in the same thread, rather than clogging your inbox.

Google+ Exodus
Friends list scanned.

While the service seems to try to be ethical and avoid clogging the inbox of users, I checked with several people who were supposed to have received and neither did notice the invite.
The reason for this seems to be that neither of them actively checked their “Other” section of Messages, which usually is cluttered with updates of pages and too noisy too follow.

The intentions of Google+ Exodus are great, it seems that the opportunity to put the tool to good use was lost.

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