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Google+ for iPhone Released. Not Compatible with iPad and iPod Touch

Google+ for iPhone Released. Not Compatible with iPad and iPod Touch

Google+ for iPhone
Google+ for iPhone

After little more than 2 weeks of wait, the Apple App Store crew has finally approved the Google+ app for iOS.

Sadly for many users it does seem that the app only runs on the iPhone, and not on iPod touches (even not latest generation). So far no iPad specific app has been released either and the app does not run on iPads. Rumors around the internet confirm that the Google+ app for iPhone only runs on iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

If you can not find the app in the app store, via a search, try this link to the iTunes Store.

Where very often the iOS apps the more polished ones are, Foursquare being the best example, the Google+ app for iPhone does not belong in that category and it seems that the app was developed by developers without any eye to particular design. While both apps are very similar, the Android Google+ app is the clear winner when it comes to polish, design and interface. The iPhone app just doesn’t feel as finished.

At least WordPress fans will love the design of user profiles in Google+ for iPhone.

Most surprisingly the iPhone app does not have the much hyped Instant Upload feature we already know from Android. Instant upload when activated will automatically upload all your pictures to your G+ account, and you also have access to all pictures in your G+/Picasa account in the Android Gallery.

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This is likely to be due to a limitation within the iOS ToS and not a built-in restriction by the G+ for iPhone developers team.

If you missed the link before, here is the Google+ for iPhone download link once more

Google+ for iPhone post view
Google+ for iPhone: About pages, very reminiscent of many mobile themes for WordPress
Your photo albums
Your Google+ Circles
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